Learn To Forget was founded in 2013 by designer/musician Reilly Herrera (NightVerses) and musician Mike Cambra (Death By Stereo, Adolescents).

With a 100% DIY ethos and developing over the past 4 years in the core underground skateboard, punk & graffiti communities of L.A. & Orange Counties, this is LTF's first public retail offering. (All past collections have been released directly or exclusively through core skate and graffiti shops in the LA area.)

Everything is designed & sourced in the greater Los Angeles area. All sewing, printing, embroidery and customization of garments is done in small batches by local seamstresses and companies. The brand aims to keep pricing fair and quality high, with the distinct goal of helping serve the same counter-cultures it exists within.

Exclusively to Backstage Market in Germany, we are very happy to bring you some of their outstanding designs. Its a real pleasure stocking some stuff from these two great guys.