Shott stood the test of time. They survived two world wars, 22 presidents and a king. It´s a real piece of American tradition and history. Irvin and Jack Shott started their business in 1913 in the streets of New York City. In

1928 they designed the first ever motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson called Perfecto. Followed by an order from the US Airforce to create a Bomber Jacket. The rest is history. Marlon Brando and James Dean became big fans of the brand. Especially James Dean was always seen wearing his Perfecto leather jacket.

Until today the triumph of Shott is unstoppable. Still growing and innovative to bring us a contemporary product rich in history. Big fans of the brand are Kate Moss, Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattison and Heidi Klum. Just to name a few. Also The Ramones where wearing Schott jackets.